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Mona Meek

The instructors and staff at TKU are absolutely amazing! Words alone cannot describe the depth of my gratitude for these wonderful people, and the outstanding results I’ve seen in my daughter over the last two years. With her being on the autism spectrum, I had reservations about how effective the classes would be. Mr Nuttall assured me that he and his crew were ready to help her overcome any physical and social obstacles that stood in her way….and did they ever! She’s advanced 5 belt ranks so far, and is filled with determination to get to the top! I’m thrilled at the positive impact this experience has provided her, from the physical accomplishments, stronger work ethic, self confidence, as well as the respect for others. These are phenomenal folks, dedicated to helping people of all ages reach and exceed their limitations…they’re teaching children not just self-defense, but they’re helping shape leaders.


Twyla Beck

I absolutely love this place and the instructors who give so freely of their time and talents! This is an extremely good workout in addition to learning great self defense tools. I would recommend all ladies to come and see what it’s all about. I truly wish all children had the opportunity to start in this program while they are young as it is such a positive character building atmosphere. Thanks to Mr. Bob Nuttall for creating this program and making it a welcome place for all ages.



Katrina Matthews

Both of my boys (8 and 6) have been going to the Karate University for well over a year now. We just love it there. They are so good at teaching them not only karate defense but also respect and manners. We are so happy we decided to enroll them. We are also pleased at how much they do for the community. It’s really like family!



Danielle Boyd

We signed our 5-year-old son up for karate over the summer because he’d been getting in trouble in preschool. He has come a long way already with his discipline and respect. I recommend karate for any youngster who who could use help in these areas. Shoot, most kids these days do!


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Christian Tellez

Hi my names Christian Damian Tellez and I honestly think that this place is just absolutely amazing. I first started whenever I was 3 years old up until 17 I left for selfish reasons, but I’ve been back since April. It’s been five months since I’ve been back and I’ve been wondering why did I ever leave? I have family up here and kids who look up to me. Now I’m an instructor for the champions class for tournaments and for the teens class. I’m grateful to be doing what I love, I wouldn’t want it any other way. Everyday I push the kids hard so that they excel in this art and I too push myself because I want to be a great example for them. I just want to thank Mr. Bob Nuttall for letting me come back and believing in me. I also want to thank all the parents for having faith in me to teach their kids I really appreciate it. I won’t let anyone down I promise.



Beth Harrington

This gratitude is alittle bit late but I want to take a moment and thank Mr. Nuttall for helping my grandson. We started going to Karate University last year and my grandson was struggling in school because he is shy and a sensitive child. I noticed this first week of school, he has intruded himself to some kids in his class and made some friends. Mr. Nuttall is great with children, not only teaching them self defense but with confidence, leadership and respect. These are not the only things your child can learn from karate university, but to focus and succeed in life. Thank you Mr. Nuttall and Karate University staff for all you do.



Ann Hopkins

The Karate University is a great family environment. Staff here is very helpful and polite– my grandson Aiden has been going only a couple of weeks and I have already noticed a difference. I am excited to see his progress in the months to come! Thank you Mr. Nuttall


John Enright

My son Jacob has thoroughly enjoyed the classes he has taken here. He always talks about what he learned on the ride home. Not just the moves that he learned, but also the lessons that are taught by Master Bob and Mr. Omari. They make sure to great as many parents as possible with a hand shake and a smile, and make you feel important, despite the amount of people that are in the room. It is a great place and I would encourage everyone to take their children here to learn more than just karate.



Candace Russell

The Karate University has a great family environment where the young and young at heart can go and learn. My grandson started taking classes then about a month later his mother started taking classes the about 3 weeks later my youngest daughter started taking classes. They are learning self defense and awareness and as a mom/nana that helps my stress over worrying about them. The youngest will be going off to college in a few short years and to know she can protect her self is piece of mine. And knowing that my oldest daughter can protect herself and my grandson is piece of mine. But not only that Karate University is bringing my daughters closer together. With a 12 year age between them they have not share the same interests in much. But with them both loving Karate they can now bond over it!


Michael Emery

This place has high expectations. I am in military and this place teaches respect on many levels that is forgotten with today’s age. I have always been greeted and had my hand shook by the staff. The instructors are very professional and have great attitudes no matter what day of the week it is. This place teaches discipline and it’s fair for all children and adults that attend karate University. This has really been a great place for my children to go. I appreciate the staff that work here and respect them very highly. This is been one of the best programs located in Parker and surrounding counties.



Kristin McKittrick

My 6 yr old son started a month ago and it was the best decision! After so many friends recommended Mr. Nuttall, I had high hopes but my expectations were surpassed our first visit. The discipline and respect we have always taught finally caught on – it was like a switch was flipped. It is wonderful to see discipline taught in such a positive manner. The kids are given the respect that is asked of them. You won’t regret giving them a try!



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